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Tehama County / Red Bluff Landfill Cell 2A Construction
Madera Disposal Systems, Inc.
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This project constructed a new landfill cell approximately four acres in area.  Mass grading included excavation of 80,000 cubic yards and construction of an engineered fill of approximately 50,000 cubic yards.  Low-permeability clay liner was placed in the floor of the cell in advance of deployment of geomembranes including geosynthetic clay liner and 60-mil HDPE liner.  Gravel was spread across the lined cell floor as a leachate drainage layer, overlying 6" perforated HDPE collection pipes which drain to a new prefabricated HDPE sump.  Soil was spread over the leachate drainage layer and up the lower slopes of the cell as an operations layer. 

A submersible electric pump was installed in the sump with new electrical power, control panel and control wiring.  Approximately 2,200 lf of 2" HDPE leachate conveyance was installed to allow discharge of collected leachate into two new, 10,000 gallon HDPE storage tanks. 

A surface drainage pond was excavated adjacent to the cell where a new trailer-mounted diesel pump was installed.  Surface water collected in the drainage pond will be pumped into a new concrete-lined ditch around the perimeter of the cell.  Approximately 2,500 tons of aggregates were placed as access road surfacing.

Unlined graded areas were hydroseeded.
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