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Sacramento River Bank Protection Project

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Year Constructed: 2009
Approx. Contract Value: $4,000,000 


The project consisted of repairing four eroded levee sites along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers near Sacramento, CA.  Anderson Dragline Inc. worked as a subcontractor for placement of riprap.

Work included placement of approximately 90,000 tons of riprap in and above the water level of the rivers. Three sites were accessible for repair from land, while one site had to be repaired from the water, necessitating the use of marine equipment. A temporary barge loading facility was constructed to load riprap onto barges that were then transported by tug boat to the repair site. Rock was placed using a barge-mounted derrick.

Once riprap was placed and graded to the specified grade, in-stream wood materials consisting of almond trees and willow bundles (fascines) were buried in the riprap at the water's edge to provide shade for aquatic habitat.

Above the normal river elevation, a blend of riprap and soil was placed to complete the repair of the eroded scours. This material was graded and covered with a layer of soil to serve as a planting bed. A landscaping subcontractor then completed the sites by installing irrigation systems, plants, plugs, willow cuttings and hydroseeding. Irrigation and maintenance of the plants is ongoing for three years as a component of the contract.

One repair site on the Sacramento River required covering the archaeological remains of a Native American burial site. Specified measures for the covering of remains were completed under the supervision of a government archaeologist and tribe member.
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