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Maxwell Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications

Owner: Maxwell Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications & Reuse Project
Year Constructed: 2011
Approx. Contract Value: $1,618,400


The project consisted of expanding the existing wastewater treatment plant for the community of Maxwell in Colusa County, CA.  Anderson Dragline, Inc. worked as a grading subcontractor.

The primary grading feature was construction of a new 22 acre pond for off-site storage of 181 acre-feet of treated water.  Other features included grading 70 acres of fields for use as biosolids application areas, construction of a 0.5 acre tailwater pond, and raising existing pond dikes to increase the capacity of the treatment plant.  Raising of the existing pond dikes at the treatment plant was staged to permit continuous operation of the facility during construction. 

A high groundwater table necessitated installation of an extensive dewatering system and utilization of low ground-pressure equipment for excavation and grading of the excavated area.  Approximately 80,000 cubic yards of saturated clay soil was excavated, conditioned, and placed in compacted embankments to create the new ponds.  The clay soil at interior pond floors was scarified, moisture conditioned and compacted to provide low permeability.  Interior pond slopes were surfaced with riprap overlying geotextile fabric, and aggregate base rock was placed on tops of pond berms as a drive surface.

12,000 lineal feet of conveyance and drainage ditches were excavated around the perimeter of the biosolids application area.  The entire area was laser-graded to facilitate the designed drainage pattern.
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