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Gray Lodge Wildlife Area Water Supply Project Schedule C
Biggs West Gridley Water District / Bureau of Reclamation
Year Constructed:
2014 / 2015
Approx. Contract Value:
> $7,000,000

To increase the capacity of an existing earthen canal, Anderson Dragline, Inc. reconstructed approximately 1.5 miles of the canal by degrading existing canal banks, lime treating the saturated, excavated soils, and reconstructing the embankments during the winter months of 2014/2015.  Approximately 72,000 tons of soil was imported and placed to complete the expanded embankments.  

Other significant features of work included 23 acres of clearing, construction of two miles of gravel site-access roads, structure demolition, design and construction of bypasses for two active drainage canals, construction of three concrete irrigation control structures, installation of a precast concrete bridge on concrete piles, reconstruction of two concrete flume structures, installation of multiple precast concrete irrigation turnout structures, excavation of 13,700 lf of landside irrigation ditches, and placement of approximately 3,200 tons of aggregate surfacing for the canal access roads.  

Continuous biological monitoring of the work was conducted leading to the successful capture and relocation of over 130 endangered Giant Garter Snakes.  Anderson Dragline worked six to seven days per week to complete the project in one winter season although the contract allowed two seasons.

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Anderson Dragline, Inc.
P.O. Box 968
Gridley, CA 95948