Anderson Dragline, Inc. Anderson Dragline, Inc.
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Anderson Dragline, Inc. is well capitalized to support large projects. We can provide single project bonding in excess of $20,000,000 with cumulative capacity in excess of $35,000,000. We maintain liability insurance at levels that routinely meet the requirements of Federal, State and local agencies. When required by our clients, we can increase our insurance levels. We pay our vendors and subcontractors in a timely manner.

We are thoroughly familiar with public contract formats, including:
  • FARs
  • Davis-Bacon wage requirements
  • certified payroll reporting
  • bonding and insurances
  • contractor quality control
  • safety
  • CPM scheduling
  • progress payments
  • contract administration

Experienced Staff

Our ownership and management staff have significant experience on a multitude of complex civil projects in both the private and public sectors. We strive for excellence by thoroughly understanding the projects we are building; communicating in a timely, professional and cooperative manner with all parties involved; and maintaining a high standard of quality. 

We recognize that the success of the project requires equal attention to the administrative contract requirements and the physical details of construction. A project manager and superintendent are assigned to each contract and oversee the project from beginning through completion. We are organized, responsive and cooperative, and we strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our core group of equipment operators have worked for us between five to ten years on average. They are highly skilled in the safe operation of many pieces of equipment.

Highest Safety Levels

Safety is a priority on all of our projects. When planning for upcoming features of work, we incorporate a review of potential hazards with a discussion of mitigating safety measures. We have an excellent safety history; our current workers compensation experience modifier is 0.75. 

Our federal clients typically specify the highest levels of safety planning, monitoring and reporting. We have routinely satisfied these requirements while working with no reportable injuries.

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Phone: 530-695-1352
Fax: 530-695-3131
Shop: 530-868-5121

Anderson Dragline, Inc.
P.O. Box 968
Gridley, CA 95948